Two Cool Things My Kid Said This Morning

So Rae and I and our 20-year old son Coleman were talking as we ate breakfast. Coleman had two great observations.

First, when we were discussing former Ohio State president Gordon Gee...

Coleman: "Gordon Gee is one of those people who's like a very strong wind. You can't control which way he blows, but you can put up your sail and hope it takes you someplace interesting."

Then, a moment later, when Rae talked about learning to say "no" instead of taking on too many commitments...

Coleman: "There are two ways to shape your life. You can build it up piece by piece from nothing, and have what you make of it. Or you can shape it like a sculptor working with a block of marble. You take what life gives you, and you say 'no' to the parts you don't like." (Here he mimed chipping away at a block of marble.) "No. No. No. No. Until in the end you are left with something beautiful, a work of art made out of 'No'."

He was laughing, we all were laughing, as he spoke, but I'm dead serious when I tell you how much I love this young man. I wish I had half his insight at twice his age.

© C.C. Finlay 2018