Footnotes by C.C. Finlay

Originally published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, August, 2001. 

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  5. Ibid., 11:45 a.m. PST, 8 Jan 2019, Subj: Oops! :)

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  7. Connor DeSilva, The Evolution of Disaster (St. Louis, 2041). The more famous outbreak in Overbrook, Kansas, on 30 Jan is now regarded as a secondary event.

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  15. More permeable quarantines were created in Amsterdam, New Delhi, Guandong, and other cities.

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  21. Werks, press release, 3 Feb 2019, in Report, Appendix 3. Werks repeated this claim until her death, but the former assistant was never found or questioned.

  22. The hostile takeover had been all but completed the previous month. It seems more probable that the release was intended for the company's Asian and Russian competitors instead. See Morales and Hadlock, pp. 179-81.

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  24. Initial figures were high because many of the missing were presumed dead. These numbers were subsequently reduced.

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  26. Victor Skilliman, Brain Drain, (Boulder, 2029) pp. 59-83. There are significant gaps in both the Geneva registry and the private non-profit Stop-The-Madness victims' list.

  27. From her poem, "17 More Reasons Why We'll Forget," at Artists Respond, collected by Ella Hynde, the-hynde-site.arts, 2020, archived. This is the complete verse as it appears on the monument in Tsuibo Garden:


                   Because we too saw the overturned chair,
                   the scattered papers, cubicle wall askew.

                   Because we quickly stepped aside, afraid,
                   when they fled, wild strangers to themselves.

                   Trash, floating in the river, on the highway berm;
                   styrofoam-white bones in brown autumn leaves.

                   For some, for some, not even that,
                   a rapture without trumpets, without salvation.

© C.C. Finlay 2018