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Maybe you're not sure my books are worth your hard-earned dollars.  Maybe you think they are, but dollars of any sort, hard-earned or otherwise, are difficult to come by at the moment.  Maybe you're just looking for a free read because that's how you roll.  

Whatever your reason may be, this page is for you. Yes, you.

complete novel and novel excerpts


The Patriot Witch (Traitor to the Crown Book 1)  

These are the uncorrected galleys of the complete novel that was published by Del Rey in 2009, so it has a different cover than the final book and some errors that we corrected before it went to print. 

  • Chapter 1 of The Patriot Witch - Traitor to the Crown, Book #1
    This chapter introduces Proctor Brown, a Massachussetts minute man who has a secret: he's descended from John Proctor, who was hanged for a witch in Salem, and Faith and Goodman Brown, who weren't.  

  • Chapter 1 of A Spell For The Revolution - Traitor to the Crown, Book #2
    In which Proctor Brown first encounters Bootzamon, who was the creepiest and funnest villain I've ever written.

  • Chapter 1 of The Demon Redcoat - Traitor to the Crown, Book #3
    Banastre Tarleton's raid on Pound Ridge, New York, uncovers dark magic that sets him on a crash course with Proctor Brown.

  • Chapter 1 of The Prodigal Troll - The opening scene from my first novel, published by Pyr in 2005.
    A nursemaid and a loyal knight try to save their lord's infant heir from a beseiged castle.


short stories

  • "Morytober" originally appeared in Daily Science Fiction, March 6, 2015
    Includes the word "squeehole. What else do you need to know? 

  • "The Infill Trait" originally appeared in Lightspeed, February 2013
    "Every time I fall asleep I wake up in a different body." One of my favorite first lines ever. 


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